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:: BORN ::

To breathe new life into the underground industrial scene, Dark Hive, one of Second Life’s most visited and loved Electronic & Industrial clubs, was created in October 2015, to provide a friendly hangout for music lovers.


Dark Hive caters to a wide variety of artists, DJ’s, producers and audiences, equiped with some of the best quality servers and uniquely looking build which has been designed by some of the best mesh creators on the grid.  Exciting themed events take place regularly, showcasing some of the top musical talent on the grid.

Our formula is simple yet powerful:

  • Unique vision for edgy design,
  • Passion for underground music,
  • Respect towards our staff and guests


What is in the future for Dark Hive… world domination.
Just kidding, but we are growing strong and rapidly, never losing focus of keeping the underground scene alive, and making good friends along the way.